Network Cable Services
More than a Quarter Century and Counting
We allow our clients to
focus on their core business
We are a people oriented organization
Make IT Stress Free
with a people oriented philosophy
Network Cable Services

Our greatest reward is our repeat business from our existing clients at their locations and referrals for new business opportunities at other client locations.

The added value of decades of experience gives NCS the vision and inspiration needed to develop an automated approach to many of the processes that constitute the framework of this type of business.

NCS believes that it is unique in the implementation of productivity tools that ensure not only quality work but also a high percentage of success.

Dramatic changes in the cable and telecommunications industries have led to a shift in focus the associated costs of which put a severe strain on the typical organization’s resources and budgets.

At NCS, our vertical market focus means that we are organized to provide services that as a virtual extension of our clients’ system, our relationship is transparent to their customers and our services are seamlessly integrated in their internal systems and processes.

Our primary function focus increases the speed of our service efforts thereby promoting faster ROI for our client. In addition, we are a people-oriented organization with a people-oriented philosophy. We believe our approach provides a win-win scenario for both clients and their customers.