About NCS

NCS prides itself on being a full service company providing solutions to the cable industry.

Vertical market focus means that NCS is organized to provide services which address the exigencies of that marketplace and its unique requirements. As, essentially an extension of the client’s system, the NCS relationship is transparent to subscribers as the services are seamlessly integrated with the client’s internal systems and processes.

Primary function focus also enhances the adeptness and proficiency with which NCS performs its services, thereby promoting the client’s ROI.  NCS allows their clients to reduce the quantity of tasks they perform by lessening the strain put on the client resources.

As a ‘virtual’ partner, NCS allows its clients to focus on their core business, provide better service and retain a higher percentage of customers. The company operates on a transaction based cost model scaled to mirror demand trends. This allows the client to transfer fixed costs (higher) to a variable (lower) cost model.

We are a people-oriented company with a client/customer perspective.  For more than 30 + years we have proven, in cable systems around the country, that the most effective customer service strategy is personal contact with our client’s customers.  We offer unique, convenience services that benefit both our clients and their customers.  For example, our door-to-door equipment retrieval service provides our clients the ability to recycle used equipment and to close the recycling loop by acquiring new products constructed from selected recycled materials. This benefit not only reduces the cost of acquiring new equipment for new subscribers, it also provides an advantage for existing customers since we pick up the used equipment at their home or office at no cost to them.

We believe our approach provides a win-win scenario for both clients and their customers and are pleased to be able to state that we are known to achieve and often exceed client expectations.

  • A full service company providing solutions to the cable industry since 1984
  • A workforce of dozens of representatives that worked from Florida to Washington State, Wisconsin to Texas and numerous states in between
  • A committed “partner” to many of the top cable providers in the country beginning with the deregulation by the 1984 Cable Act to today’s current largest providers.